The LUL Hermano Summer BBQ serves as an opportunity for Southern California alumni and undergrads to come together as family typically does - with a backyard BBQ. This year's reunion drew over 40 Hermanos and featured tri tip, ceviche, and tequila tasting. Hermanos from Yale, MIT, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Duke, University of Maryland - College Park, St. Johns, UC Berkeley, Loyola Marymount, and USC were in attendance. Nothing beats breaking bread, catching up over drinks, and enjoying the LA weather - especially after spending some time apart. We look forward to hosting again in 2020. Please visit our Para Siempre page for more information.


LUL Alumni-undergrad tailgate: USC vs. Stanford (September 7, 2019)

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Every Fall, Hermanos regularly come together for tailgates, viewing parties, and trips to the Coliseum (or Rose Bowl for "The Granddaddy of Them All"). As a chapter and members of the Trojan Family, we've collectively witnessed two National Championships, two Heisman Trophy winners, and many more unforgettable moments of USC football history. Events are traditionally centered around games against Stanford, Notre Dame, and UCLA. This year, we kicked things off on McCarthy Quad with a tailgate before our victory over Stanford.  


The Los Angeles Diversity Career Conference connects Business, Engineering, Technology/Computer Science and Pre-Med students to three key components: 1) Proven professional development programs with established track records, 2) Underrepresented professionals whose career paths began at similar starting points, and 3) Roadmaps to competitive internships and research opportunities. Attendees will be introduced to pipeline opportunity programs that equip students with the skills, guidance and confidence needed to successfully secure summer internships that will eventually lead to post-graduate career opportunities. Given capacity constraints, we expect to host 150 students on October 5th - if interested please complete the interested attendee form on the conference's landing page.


Hermano and interest dinner in downtown la (October 5, 2019)

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LUL is family, first and foremost. While many of us no longer live together, we regularly host Hermano Dinners to bring together our fraternal alumni. These events also serve as a unique opportunity to engage with prospective members who are interested in joining our tight-knit brotherhood. This Fall's annual Hermano and prospective member dinner was held in Downtown Los Angeles following our Diversity Career Conference on October 5th. 



The holidays bring out-of-town Hermanos home for the last few weeks of December every year. In 2017, Hermanos came together over winter break to compete in our inaugural 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Thirty Hermanos participated in last year’s 2018 event - tournament champions included H. Albert Aguilar (Alpha Phi, USC, Spring 2008), H. William Lopez (Alpha Phi, USC, Spring 2008), H. Lorenzo Tovar (Alpha Phi, USC, Spring 2010), and H. Branden Burgos (Alpha Rho, Florida International University, Spring 2012). This year's event will be held on Saturday December 21st at USC. Who will walk away with the trophy and bragging rights in 2019? Register and submit your $20 participation fee here.

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2019 end of year drinks @ Birds & bees in dtla (December 21, 2019)

You can’t bring in the new year without reflecting on this year’s milestones. 2019 End of Year Drinks will be hosted at Birds & Bees in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday December 21, 2019. Birds & Bees is a 1950’s-themed subterranean bar, one block north of Grand Central Market. This year’s event will begin at 8pm and is within walking distance of Otium, Perch, and Redwood Bar, making it the perfect spot to begin our night. Located at 207 South Broadway, B, Basement, Los Angeles, CA 90012 - B&B is a Prohibition-style speakeasy, so you’ll need to work to find it. When standing in front of 207 South Broadway, ignore the office building and turn left to find the parking lot next door. In the lot’s back corner, you’ll see a doorman who will lead you down a narrow stairway. We’ll be inside with drinks to greet you.

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Over the last 13 years, USC Homecoming has introduced hundreds of out-of-state undergrads to Los Angeles and USC for the first time. Since the Fall of 2006, Hermanos and Latino Greeks from across the country have traveled to Los Angeles to experience USC Homecoming Weekend with the Alpha Phi Chapter. This year marks our 14th Annual Homecoming weekend - the weekend serves as an opportunity for alumni and undergrads from near and far to unite for a weekend of brotherhood, bonding and USC football - a storied college tradition.  For more info, visiting our 2019 HC landing page.


12th annual strolling of the bulls: Tampa, florida (MArch 2020)

Every March, Hermanos at the University of South Florida's Beta Delta Chapter host Strolling of the Bulls, the largest Latino Greek event in the Southeastern United States. Hermanos reunite in Tampa alongside sororities and fraternities who fly into Florida for a weekend of festivities and friendly competition. 


29th Annual national puerto rican day parade: NYC (june 2020)

In early June, Hermanos from across the country come together in New York City to participate in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, a fraternal tradition that dates back to the early 1990's. The parade takes place in Manhattan with a procession down 5th Avenue - Hermanos stroll for nearly two million spectators who come together in Midtown for one of the largest outdoor events in the United States.