our brotherhood: Hermandad

La Unidad Latina’s greatest strength is its Hermanos. Bound by our shared commitment to our values, we support one another across generations, chapters, and regions.

Our established network, commitment to mentoring one another, and shared resources have allowed us to close the achievement gap across some of the most competitive institutions, disciplines, and industries. For more information, please click on the "Professional Pathways" link:

Every Alpha Phi Hermano to date has been a first generation college student.

Since 2006, Alpha Phi Hermanos have gone on to attend graduate school at Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, University of Chicago, Duke, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, UCLA, and USC.  As undergrads, our Hermanos have earned the following distinctions: USC Trustee Scholars, USC Presidential Scholars, Norman Topping Student Aid Fund Scholars, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity alumni, Neighborhood Academic Initiative alumni, Management Leadership 4 Tomorrow alumni, Riordan Programs alumni, INROADS alumni, LEAD alumni, Dr. John R. Hubbard Award Finalists, and USC Order of the Laurel and the Palm Recipients. 



Founding Line - SPRING 2006 - Alpha Line

SPRING 2007 - Beta Line

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